Crafting Labels as Unique as Your Brand

Label Printing Capabilities

At SpectraGraphics Inc., we understand that labels hold the identity to a product’s brand. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing your brand to life with our printed labels, guaranteed to enhance your brand image with increased functionality and decreased labeling costs.

Digital & Flexographic Printing: Our state-of-the-art digital hybrid and flexographic printing technologies ensure that your labels are produced with the highest precision and quality.

Expansive Color Range and Unique Effects: Our advanced technology, and use of water-based and digital hybrid inks, can reach a broad spectrum of colors and special effects that add visual appeal to your labels. From spot color inks that are custom mixed to match your brand’s exact hues, to holo-prism and raised inks, we can help you produce a label that’s as stunning and unique as your brand.

Metallic & Specialty Inks: Add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your products with our metallic and specialty inks.

Adhesive Printing: Our adhesive printing capability involves using a flexo plate to print directly on the adhesive (or glue) side of the label. This technique allows for additional space for information without the need to convert the label to a reseal. This technique eliminates the need to purchase specialized tooling, and thus is a more cost-effective option. This is one way we optimize label solutions for your unique needs.

Liner Printing: Our liner printing capability is primarily used for timing marks for label applicators. This becomes especially valuable when customers opt for clear labels or labels with intricate die cuts. Timing marks are printed on the liner itself, enabling applicators to rely on these marks, typically a black box, for precise label application. This eliminates the need to read information directly from the label, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the application process. It’s just another way we enhance the functionality and reliability of your labels.

With decades of experience and advanced printing technology at our fingertips, we can turn your label vision into a stunning reality. Whether you require intricate designs, vibrant colors, or specialized finishes, our printing prowess ensures your labels create a memorable mark.


Selecting the right label material is crucial. We offer a wide range of materials to suit your product’s specific needs. From prime films to foils, papers to specialty materials, our diverse options ensure your label not only looks great but also functions perfectly in its intended environment.

Standard Finishing

Our label printing goes beyond the basics. At SpectraGraphics, we offer a range of standard finishing options to make your labels stand out:

Die-Cutting: Precision die-cutting ensures that your labels are not just square or rectangular pieces, but uniquely shaped to match your branding vision.

Lamination: Our lamination options protect your label from scuffing or moisture to ensure they remain pristine through their journey from production to consumer. Choose from a gloss, matte, thermal transfer, or soft touch look.

UV Varnish: Add a glossy or matte professional touch to your labels with UV varnish. This protective coating not only enhances the visual appeal but also prolongs the life of your labels by helping to protect against moisture. We offer gloss, matte, thermal transfer, and specialty varnishes.

Sheet or Roll Finishing: We understand that labels have diverse applications. That’s why we offer both sheet and roll finishing options, so your labels are ready to suit your specific production needs.


When it comes to making a statement with your labels, our embellishment options are the key to unlocking limitless possibilities:

Embossing: Elevate your label’s tactile appeal with embossing, adding texture and depth that not only captures attention but also engages the sense of touch.

Cold Foil Stamping: Make your labels shine with metallic foil stamping. This finishing option adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, ensuring your products exude premium quality.

Multi-Level Die Cutting: This technique is ideal for applications like special coupons where you want the flexibility to apply one label and remove part of it while leaving another label behind. It’s especially useful for scenarios like point of sale, where you might want to remove part of the label for record-keeping but still leave essential information, like a barcode and price, on the product surface. It’s a versatile option that differs from standard coupons as it leaves a piece of the original label in place instead of being completely removed.

Variable Information Printing: For labels requiring individualized data, variable information printing is the answer. Whether it’s batch numbers, expiration dates, sequential or random numbering, or unique QR codes, we can handle it seamlessly.

Security Printing: Add covert technologies such as micro text or optical brightener additives (black light detection) to your label designs.  These features are some of the many anti counterfeiting techniques available in modern label production.

RFID Inlays: SpectraGraphics has a developed a local strategic partnership to provide RFID tags to our finished labels.  Please contact us for more information regarding options, equipment and specification requirements.

Cast & Cure (Holo-prism): Cast & Cure is a decorative coating process that integrates “casting” and “curing” varnish to form a consistent high-quality surface that can include ultra-high gloss, matte, and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates.

Raised Ink: Enhance your label designs with raised ink, a sophisticated technique that creates a tactile and visually striking effect. This process involves layering white ink strategically beneath specific label content, resulting in ink elements being raised to varying heights. The outcome is a textured look and feel that will leave a lasting impression.

Raised ink can also be used to deepen colors on specialty wine and spirit stocks, enriching the visual appeal of your product. So, whether you seek to add a touch of elegance or enhance your brand’s visual identity, raised ink provides a subtle yet impactful way to bring another dimension to your labels.

With our leading-edge printing and finishing capabilities, we transform labels into captivating works of art. These options are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating a lasting impression that resonates with your audience. At SpectraGraphics, we’re here to bring your label’s vision to life, making them as extraordinary as your brand.

Prepress and Technical Support

Our dedication to providing top-notch labels goes beyond the printing press. We understand that the journey to exceptional labels starts well before the ink meets the substrate. Here’s how we ensure your labels are primed for success:

Digital Plating (Computer to Plate): We employ a laser-cutting plate maker that utilizes dry, eco-friendly processing methods. This responsible approach allows us to produce precise and consistent results while minimizing our environmental impact.

Graphic Design: Need assistance in bringing your label concepts to life? Our in-house design specialists are here to help. We can help guide you in selecting materials, inks, and finishes to make your idea a reality.

Electronic & Hard Proofing: We understand that seeing is believing. That’s why we offer electronic and hard proofing options. You can have peace of mind knowing exactly how your labels will look before production begins.

Label Engineering & Cost Optimization: Our label engineers are experts at finding the most cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. They analyze your label needs and recommend the best approach, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

Your brand deserves nothing less than labels that are as unique and exceptional as the products they represent. Choose SpectraGraphics for label printing that goes beyond expectations.

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