Unfold Your Product Details with Expanded Content Labels in Kansas City

When it comes to conveying a great deal of information about your product while maintaining an attractive label design, look no further than Expanded and Extended Content Labels (ECL). SpectraGraphics, located in Kansas City, offers a range of innovative ECL options, including SpectraExtra ECL, SpectraFold ECL, and Booklet labels, designed to meet your specific needs.

Introduction to Expanded Content Label Options

SpectraExtra™ Expanded Content Labels (ECL): Looking for more label space without increasing costs? SpectraExtra ECL is the solution. These labels offer three times the room of single-layer labels, allowing for recipes, multilingual content, and cost-effective alternatives to secondary labels and packaging. With easy opening options and digital production for smaller orders, SpectraExtra ECL combines versatility with cost efficiency.

Key features:

  • Three times the space as single-layer labels
  • Reseal or single-use
  • Virtually any size or shape, any orientation on the web
  • No visible seams, folds, or seals
  • Deadened peel corners available

Unlock the potential of your product labels with SpectraExtra ECL, providing expanded space, reduced costs, and enhanced usability.

SpectraFold Extended Content Labels (ECL): SpectraFold™ labels are the ultimate choice for products demanding extensive information. These labels feature a folded top ply secured to a pressure-sensitive base label, offering ample space for crucial details. Perfect for rebate and redemption offers, SpectraFold ECL allows the top section to be removed while retaining the base information on the product.

Key features:

  • Multiple folding options
  • Reseal or single-use
  • Inline process reduces cost and lead times
  • Great for short to mid-size runs
  • Four to eight panels

With multiple options and suitability for short to mid-size runs, SpectraFold ECL provides up to eight panels of valuable real estate for your messaging needs.

Booklet Labels: For products requiring an extensive amount of information, our Booklet labels are the solution. These labels feature multiple pages within a single label, allowing you to provide comprehensive product details, usage instructions, and more in a compact, user-friendly format.

Key features:

  • Perfect for regulatory compliance, large instruction sets, multiple languages, and more
  • Ideal for machine application to most containers
  • Reseal or single-use
  • Four to forty panels of information available

Uses for Expanded Content Labels

Expanded and Extended Content Labels (ECLs) find applications across various industries:

Chemicals & Horticulture: ECLs ensure precise instructions, safety information, and regulatory compliance for chemicals and horticultural products.

Cosmetics: Boost your cosmetics packaging with ECLs, offering ample space for multilingual ingredient lists, usage instructions, and promotional content.

Cannabis: In the highly regulated cannabis industry, ECLs are the solution for meeting legal requirements while providing comprehensive product information.

Food & Beverage: Enhance food and beverage labeling by accommodating nutritional facts, ingredients, recipes, and promotional content—all within the same label.

ECLs are a versatile solution for delivering extensive information while maintaining a sleek label appearance.

Ready to enhance your product labeling with Expanded and Extended Content Labels in Kansas City? Request a quote from SpectraGraphics and let us help you create labels that provide a wealth of information in an organized and visually appealing way.


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