Unleash Quality Pet Labels that Resonate with Pet Owners in Kansas City

Enhancing Pet Products, One Label at a Time

At SpectraGraphics in Kansas City, we are masters in crafting custom labels to amplify your pet products and resonate with discerning pet owners. We offer a broad spectrum of materials and adhesives, ensuring a perfect label for diverse applications. Be it glass jars, mylar bags, or plastic containers, we customize labels to suit your unique needs.

In certain scenarios, pet products require extensive information. Expanded Content Labels (ECL) provide the solution. With up to three times more space than traditional labels, they are ideal for showcasing nutritional facts, usage instructions, and more. Whether it’s dietary information for pet food or care guidelines for grooming supplies, ECL offers versatility.

You may also choose to enhance your pet product labels with metallic inks or cold foil stamping. These options create a striking and luxurious appearance, showcasing your brand’s commitment to quality and care. Or add gloss, matte, or holographic effects to your label design with our cast and cure decorative coating process.

Tailoring Labels for Your Unique Pet Offerings

Our labels are perfect for a wide array of pet products in Kansas City, including pet food, gourmet treats, grooming essentials, nutritional supplements, interactive toys, and stylish accessories. They can handle the diverse requirements of the pet industry, ensuring your brand is showcased beautifully across the spectrum of pet care offerings.

Seal the Deal with Custom Packaging

Boost your pet product packaging with our custom boxes. These boxes serve as the perfect companions to our labels, creating a cohesive and attractive packaging solution. Whether it’s corrugated boxes for pet toys or folding cartons for grooming kits, our packaging completes your product branding in Kansas City.

Request a quote today and let us help you create beautiful labels and packaging for your pet products in Kansas City.


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