People Before Profit

Bob’s Red Mill has been, and continues to be one of SpectraGraphics’s most valued and long term clients.  Despite multiple offers founder Bob Moore recently gave his $100 million company to his employees to continue on with his legacy.  Bob is much more than a client to many of us here at SGI, he is a friend, an inspiration and an ideal image of what American businessmen can and should be.

In an era of corporate greed and global recession Bob Moore is a shining example of what’s right about America.  He has recently released his autobiography “People Before Profit – The Inspiring Story of the Founder of Bob’s Red Mill”.  We strongly encourage anyone managing a company to read it, and live it.  It’s available on Amazon in both electronic format and hard copy, the link is below.

Our sincerest thanks and best wishes to Bob and his wife Charlee, and to all the employees of Bob’s Red Mill for a bright future.


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