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Digital Pre-Press

Now you can get near offset quality labels at flexographic prices! Digital plates eliminate image degradation, reduce gain and allow for clean screens and vignettes. Request a label sample packet today to see the digital difference!

label solutions

Prime Labels on Films, Foils and Papers

Whether you need ultra clear film for that “no label” look or the dazzle of a hologram, SpectraGraphics has the print & material options you need. Combination UV and water based inks up to twelve colors allow your design team plenty of options.  Add embossing or texture options to create eye catching designs!

Face Materials                        Decorating

Ultra Clear & White Films                                                  Matte & Gloss Lamination or Varnish

Foils & Metalized Papers                                                   Textured Varnish

Holographic Films & Papers                                                Embossing

Durable & Outdoor Use Films                                           Variable Data

Thermal Films & Papers                                                     Adhesive Printing

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