Expanded & Extended Content Label Options

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SpectraExtra™ Expanded Content Labels (ECL)

Add copy space AND reduce labeling costs at the same time? Use SpectraExtraTM labels to include recipes, offers or multiple languages.  Eliminate costly secondary labels, neck tags, inserts or other attached packaging.  Easy opening areas can be placed virtually anywhere on the label.

  • Three times the space as single layer labels
  • Reseal or single use
  • Virtually any size or shape, any orientation on web
  • No visible seams, folds or seals
  • Deadened peel corners

Expanded Content Labels can also be produced digitally for start up or other smaller orders!

Folded Labels

SpectraFold™ Extended Content Labels

SpectraFold™ labels are designed for products that require larger amounts of information using a folded top ply secured to a pressure sensitive base label. This unique format is also ideal for rebate and redemption offers as the top can be removed while the base information remains attached to the product.

  • Multiple folding options
  • Reseal or single use
  • Inline process reduces cost and lead times
  • Great for shorter runs
  • Four to eight panels

Booklet Labels

  • Perfect for regulatory compliance, large instruction sets, multiple languages and more
  • Ideal for machine application to most containers
  • Reseal or single use
  • Four to thirty two panels of information available
Booklet Labels