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Digital UV Inkjet & Flexography Combined!

SpectraGraphics is proud to showcase our newest technology, hybrid printing.  Our  high speed digital UV press is ideal for smaller run lengths, multiple items and high color counts without the traditional high start up costs for plates and tooling.  Utilizing six color process printing an expanded gamut of spot colors can be achieved.  With an extremely opaque white ink system, it’s perfect for metallic and clear materials.  The domino engine is ideal for your variable data print jobs too!

With four flexographic stations in a hybrid configuration we now incorporate glue printing, cold foiling, raised/texture print  with minimal costs in one pass.  Our system is also equipped to manufacture re-sealable multi ply options.

Almost any substrate can be utilized, papers, films, foils and tag options.  Gloss or matte, flood or pattern finishes are available to fit your project requirements.

Digital Expanded Content Labels (ECL)

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The hybrid system allows us to print six color process plus white on the top and base layers while utilizing flexography for back glue print, all in a single pass.

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With lower setup and costs digital printing is ideal for production of multi layer labels in smaller quantities.  Contact us today to find out more!